I’m a big fan of knitted blankets. I love the variety you can create with a sampler afghan; I love that you don’t need to make a particular size; I love that blankets are nearly always welcome gifts (unlike wearable knits, which are sometimes received with politeness rather than enthusiasm). These are some of my finished blanket projects. There will be undoubtedly be more.

Sampler aran afghan/blanket



This one is definitely my favourite. Knit in Wendy basic aran (sturdy rather than luxurious – but who expends luxury yarn on a blanket?) it was one of the first projects I started after a knitting hiatus of a decade or more. In that time the internet had happened and it seemed that vast numbers of people were either rebooting their knitting lives at the same time as me or setting out as beginners. Reading other people’s blogs was hugely inspirational and educational, and the blanket reflected my learning curve. You can read about it in more detail here and here, but I’ve loved snuggling under it these past winter months and one day there will be another…

Debbie Bliss Alphabet Blanket

SONY DSCThis one was – not to put too fine a point on it – a total ballache. Much of it was my own fault. Knitting a charted lace pattern while watching tv (especially when you’re planning to adapt the pattern as you go) is not recommended. I can also confirm that there are 26 letters in the alphabet, rather than the 24 that were allowed for in my adaptation of the pattern… Much frogging ensued. I also don’t really like the finished object very much. The yarn I used (Rowan RYC Classic Aran) created a very limp fabric, and I like my blankets to have a bit of structure, not be die-away things. However, it keeps the baby warm, so who am I to object to that?SONY DSC

Leaf pattern bedspread

Crunchy snowspread

Single block

This one was knit for a best friend who had the temerity to move to Australia. She asked for something to go on the bed and so I knitted her this classic Victorian pattern. I really like it and plan to do something else with the pattern one day, and when I reknit it I might get my decreases going in the proper directions instead of backwards. It’s an all-seasons cotton so it’s pretty heavy (tip: don’t knit a blanket that weighs a ton when you have to send it to Australia…).

A throw that got above itself

This is the first blanket I knitted. It took me forever – and by forever I mean about three winters’ worth of knitting. It’s also knitted in two different yarns because I took so long about it and had to use so much more than I estimated that they discontinued the yarn while I was mid-project. It’s got some wine stains now, and some tea stains, but it’s warm and cosy!




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