Things That Are Not Knitting

As you’ll have gathered by now, mostly I knit. But occasionally I get a request for something that can’t be knitted or I feel like learning something new. So this is pretty much what I’ve been doing since finishing the problematic Fair Isle cardigan.


Eldest daughter is getting a sewing box for Christmas, so I thought I’d make her a needle-and-pin holder to go with it. Found a nice, simple pattern on (I really, really love the internet for things like this) and made one for her. Then I made one for me too, because the first one was so pretty.


Now I’m pretty much making them for everyone I know who wields needles. Very addictive and quick to do, and you can get them out of very small pieces of fabric. If you really wanted to go to town, tipnut has some awesome patterns (all free, by the generosity of uber-crafters) – my own favourite is this hussif, which is just the prettiest thing imaginable for sewing bits and pieces.

Halloween bunting

I am kind of late to the punch with this one, but in my defence the request was presented to me the day after Halloween, so it’ll be there for next year. I had to learn crochet (of which more shortly). I’ve never been a huge crochet fan but I do like amigurumi animals (there’s nobody like the Japanese for tiny stuff that’s cute beyond belief). So I made some amigurumi balls and sewed pumpkin faces on them and now I’m stringing them together on green crochet chains and next Halloween they can hang in the window.


Minion hats

This one is a big fat secret. We saw some children on the way to school one morning wearing minion hats, and I thought (with some serious amigurumi crochet practice under my belt) that I could probably manage enough crochet to produce three minion hats, so I came home and found a pattern and watched some youtube videos (again with the awesomeness of the internet) and minion hats are on their merry way.


They’re going to be Christmas stocking things, so have to be done while small people are either at school or asleep, which is limiting my time somewhat. Also limiting my time is my ability to not just cock up but to cock up repeatedly and persistently for three days, insisting in my head that it’s the pattern that’s wrong and not that I’ve misremembered how to do things. What you see above is the result of three days work plus one gritted-teeth evening of ripping all the way back to the very beginning and then another day’s work. How many days till Christmas?


Author: Carolyn

I'm a knitter and blogger, a cook and a quilter, a woodworker and writer.

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