The ‘Good Wife’ haul

A combination of a new laptop and a new Netflix subscription has meant that I am somewhat belatedly viewing Good Stuff That Was On TV Ages Ago. We don’t have tv so I never see stuff when it’s actually being broadcast and take occasional recommendations from friends about what’s awesome. Netflix thus gave me four whopping seasons of The Good Wife that I charged through while knitting. So the collection below is What Got Made during Good Wife

Starshine sweater for The Bear

This one’s been blogged before when I made a hugely embarrassing mistake and knitted the yoke pattern upside down, but here’s the finished article:SONY DSCIt’s knitted in Rowan Pure Wool DK. As usual with the GarnStudio patterns, their measurements are small – this is the 7-8 years size, fitting a 5.5 year old perfectly.  I can only assume Nordic children are smaller!


Three pairs, because it’s super easy to knit plain socks in front of exciting legal happenings without thinking about it. One for me, one for Husband and one for Oldest Boy. First time I’ve knitted a pair for a child, and goodness me it’s quick! They’re an amalgam of yarn left over from two of my pairs of socks – the same sort of yarn in two colourways.





I’m now done with Good Wife (no  more seasons on Netflix) and am on to House. I’ll see you in seven seasons.


Author: Carolyn

I'm a knitter and blogger, a cook and a quilter, a woodworker and writer.

2 thoughts on “The ‘Good Wife’ haul”

  1. We neither have live tv – it makes you much more discerning. I have done much knitting whilst watching the Good Wife, my absolute favourite. I would also highly recommend Homeland – totally gripping – I even have to put my knitting down sometimes, it is so tense. Oh, and Orange is the New Black, brilliant. Happy selective viewing, and happy new year!

  2. I loved Homeland (season 1 at least) and made many mistakes during tense parts! OITNB is also excellent – currently discovering Arrested Development which makes me laugh out loud.

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