Rookie error

So, I recently got the last bit of yarn (Rowan pure wool dk) I needed for the Bear’s winter sweater and duly cast on. It’s a GarnStudio pattern but it didn’t seem to have any particularly mad instructions – a straightforward top-down sweater with a Nordic-patterned yoke. It has a charted pattern (of course) for the yoke part, and I got to that part and started knitting it. So far so good.

Then I noticed that the increases seemed to be in odd places – some of them were going to be followed on the next row by a colour change or a way in which it would be awkward to hide the increase. I huffed, put it down to the occasional madness of Garnstudio patterns and carried on. While mentally composing a sarcastic email to the nice folk at Garnstudio who’d made such rudimentary errors in the charting, of course.

All the while, a little part of my brain had its hand patiently raised to speak. Didn’t I think it was a little peculiar that although I was increasing my total of stitches the number of stitches in each repeat of the patterns seemed to be decreasing, rather than growing? Wasn’t it a tiny bit odd just how madly placed the increases were? Eventually that part of my brain got tired of being patient and yelled STOP KNITTING YOU FOOL. And it was entirely correct so to do.

Because you see, when you knit a chart, you knit it in the direction you are knitting. Upwards. Away from you. Always. This is set in stone, iron, or other substance not prone to flexibility. I had been following the chart from the top down. Which was why the increases were in odd places and there weren’t enough of them. There was quite a substantial facepalm moment, and then muttering and ripping out (not all that simple with stranded colourwork, which likes to stay where it’s been put). Then some reknitting. Still. Now we are here.SONY DSC


Oh, and the tactic of blogging about a sweater in order to generate enough guilt for me to go back to it? Total failure. Still in its bag. I looked at it, shrugged and cast on another sweater. It’ll get there.


Author: Carolyn

I'm a knitter and blogger, a cook and a quilter, a woodworker and writer.

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