Mostly ‘armless

Sorry, it was just too hard to resist a Douglas Adams pun when it was sitting staring up at me.SONY DSC

I stalled on this sweater again, both in general and in particular. In general because I don’t really believe it’s going to suit me so I feel no desperate urge to finish it. I respect it a great deal – I think its mathematical exactness is deeply satisfying, I think it’ll be very warm and quite possibly waterproof – but that’s not the same as really liking it. The yarn (Frangipani Crushed Raspberry) is fairly stiff, in traditional gansey style, and I feel there’s every chance the sweater will stand up by itself rather than being in any way a wearable hug. And I’m stalled in particular because I’m at the point of picking up stitches for the sleeves, which has to be a precise number and – frankly – is going to be a ballache. However, in the hope that blogging about it will force me back to it out of guilt, here we are. I’ll let you know if it works.

In the meantime I reknitted a GarnStudio sweater that my mother had made for the Oldest Boy (if you haven’t previously been warned of the pitfalls of GarnStudio patterns, be aware that they’re translated in a somewhat gnomic style and are full of traps for the unwary). This one, when received, had an extra five inches of random strap on each sleeve that gave the sewn-up article a sort of leg o’ mutton effect on each shoulder. Probably quite fetching in the right context. This is what it should look like. SONY DSCThere isn’t a ‘before’ pic but imagine a sort of squared-off epaulette coming out of each shoulder and you won’t be far off.

I also got involved with my new sewing machine in an intense way. It was a birthday present earlier this month and I took advantage of having lots of fabric and ribbon odds and ends:SONY DSC


SONY DSCMore of those on their way, because they’re terribly handy for storing all those toys that come with random extra bits.



Author: Carolyn

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