I’m calling it Colin

This sweater is called – by the good folk at Sublime – Boris.SONY DSC

But it doesn’t look like a Boris. Boris conjures images of enormous blond eastern-European men in tight black polo-necks (leaving aside for a moment the shudder-inducing vision of Boris Johnson in a tight black polo-neck). This sweater is much geekier than that – with its ribbed stand-up collar and its big buttons there is more of librarian than KGB killer about it.

It’s also, frankly, doing my head in this morning. Descending from the high-flown world of pattern names and getting down to brass tacks, it asks me to pick up 31 stitches up and down each side of the neck. Where’s the problem? Well, that ‘each side of the neck’ represents only about two inches of knitting – five stitches across and ten rows up, to be precise.SONY DSC

Getting 31 stitches out of that has proven to be more than my temper and will-to-get-it-right will bear. So I’m eight stitches short each side and count myself lucky to have got that many. I am prepared to rip it back if it becomes clear I’ve got it wrong, but so far it looks fine.

Colin is coming along nicely.SONY DSC


Author: Carolyn

I'm a knitter and blogger, a cook and a quilter, a woodworker and writer.

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