Look no needle!

Well, no cable needle, anyway… I have been through a great many cable needles, and am confident that in the dim and distant future when there is a point to having the sofa reupholstered (working from home and with three small children is Not The Time) a plethora of little metal sticks will clatter happily to the floor. Until that time I’m doing reasonably well without them. There are some great tutorials on cabling without a cable needle on YouTube – so far I’m only adept at doing it two stitches at a time (so a maximum width of 4 stitches or similar) but I hope to get better at bigger cables as I haven’t yet finished knitting sampler blankets like this one.

This is Boris, from The Knitter issue 23.SONY DSC

I love the look of the pattern but am getting a bit frowny at the yarn. It’s Rico Essentials Merino DK and I am not altogether a fan of the fabric it’s creating. It seems a bit lightweight and – well – holey. As I am not a diligent swatch-and-block-before-I-start type of knitter (seriously, who is? Who doesn’t cast on lightheartedly thinking It’ll All Be Fine?) I therefore have no idea whether the slightly see-through nature of the fabric will close up once it’s all had a bath. Yes, I could block the back I’ve just finished, but then I wouldn’t be knitting the rest, would I? It also has fairly frequent slubs, which are making my knitting sporadically lumpy. I don’t like lumpy knitting.SONY DSC

We’ll see what happens in the blocking – until then, front-wards we go…


Author: Carolyn

I'm a knitter and blogger, a cook and a quilter, a woodworker and writer.

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