Joy in repetition

Life does not contain that many eureka! moments, but I had one on Wednesday and I’m still having it because the result is so pretty. The perennial question “What can I do with all the little golfball sized balls of yarn left over from knitting socks?” has finally found an answer. (Leaving aside for the moment the fact that if I didn’t get plain lazy when knitting sock-legs then I’d finish a ball of yarn every time I finished a pair of socks.)

Various thoughts have presented themselves over the years. Doll’s clothes are a good option:

SONY DSCbut there’s a limit to how many sweaters Portia can wear.

I wanted a longitudinally-striped scarf, many moons ago:

Sideways scarf
Sideways scarf

but couldn’t work out a stripe pattern I liked, so that was frogged.

Then I thought a blanket might be nice, knit out of hexagons:

SONY DSCbut it felt a bit thin and skimpy, fabric-wise.

But this week I discovered linen stitch, and how the woven effect makes wildly varying colours look fantastic next to each other, and lo and behold a longitudinally-striped scarf is back on the needles:


We may be here for some time because sockyarn is very skinny and needs very skinny needles, and a scarf is long (at least 6ft). This translates into 700 stitches per row, and there are about 11 rows per cm. As I don’t like narrow scarves we’re probably looking at a minimum 20cm width.  That’s 154,000 stitches, give or take. Better hope there’s joy in repetition.


Author: Carolyn

I'm a knitter and blogger, a cook and a quilter, a woodworker and writer.

One thought on “Joy in repetition”

  1. You could always try Frankie Brown’s Button Quilt in Ravelry…it’s a free pattern. I’m thinking of using my sock yarn left overs for this project. Or the Beekeepers Quilt, another Ravelry pattern.

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