Going round in circles

Purely coincidentally, all my projects at the moment are small-needle circulars, and I really notice the difference in terms of not having great long straight ends flapping around. Circulars feel much tidier somehow, as though my knitting’s more ‘contained’.

Two pairs of socks, both knitted to my usual plain toe-up pattern. These are in Violet Green‘s Beth sockyarn – it’s a 2ply but at 4ply weight. Spinning is a total mystery to me so I don’t really understand this. It’s making lovely socks though. These are for me:



And these are for the Husband:



Fat and cosy Opal, in a nice masculine stripe.

The baby blanket comes on apace – I’ve got about four weeks to go until its recipient makes an appearance. Plenty of time.


And I was given Alice Starmore’s Fishermen’s Sweaters for Christmas, so I blew my yarn diet and bought some crushed-raspberry 5ply from Frangipani to knit Eriskay. This is going to take awhile, as it’s a Big Sweater knit in very fine wool on very small needles (2.25 and 2.75mm). However, as there’s no chance whatsoever of being able to wear it before next winter (due to current bump size) that doesn’t really matter.


And for some reason I’ve become obsessed with the Fair Isle sweater worn by Forrest Bondurant/Tom Hardy in Lawless (which, apart from the sweater, is a terrible film in many, many ways). I really like the colour combination and the patterns, so now I need to sit down with coloured pencils and graph paper to try and work it out.

Bondurant fairisle 2

And of course this will also be worked in the round on small needles… Well, I’m on a roll.


Author: Carolyn

I'm a knitter and blogger, a cook and a quilter, a woodworker and writer.

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