The important of maths OR I have a bad feeling about this…

Two years ago we moved house. As part of the process obviously a certain amount of packing was involved, and as I am of a generally tidy cast of mind I didn’t want to be fiddling about with stash and lots of projects while also fighting boxes etc. So I cast on one large and complicated project – a sampler lace shawl from Victorian Lace Today in Violet Green‘s Peonies laceweight – thinking it would keep me going through the process.

Two years later, here we are.

It’s been superseded at various points by various projects (obviously) and has been in and out of hibernation like a tortoise (also very like a tortoise in its speed of progress…). Finally on the home stretch – finished the middle and am knitting on the border. So far, so good, yes?

No (as you can probably guess).

I didn’t do my maths. Way back in the beginning, when I was looking at the pattern, I noted that it said 1650 yards required. I had a skein of laceweight that was 1500 metres and had a hazy idea that as metres were obviously miles longer than yards I would have ample and to spare. Fast-forward to Now – as I am knitting on the border it occurs to me that I’m only halfway up one side and I have only a marble-sized amount of yarn left. If I put it on my scales it doesn’t even register (admittedly they are more used to weighing kilos than fractions of grammes). So – a little late in the day – I ask Google for its opinion of 1500 metres in yards. Turns out to be 1640 yards. So there is every possibility that I will be at least ten yards short, and given the nature of lace knitting (ie the unimportance of gauge) it could well be more. A lot more.

Optimistically, to set against this, is the possibility that Violet Green doesn’t measure its skeins of yarn down to the centimetre and that its 100g/1500m might be an ‘at least 1500m’ type of measurement. So now my project has a Macbethian “returning were as tedious as go o’er.” air about it. If I want to finish the project in this yarn (and I hold out no hope of being able to buy another skein from Violet Green as I bought it about five years ago and it’s a handpainted job) and I don’t have enough then I will have to frog more than half the shawl. Because it’s a reflecting pattern and for it to match I’d have to go all the way back past the middle of the shawl and then reknit, omitting some of the patterns. But of course I don’t yet know whether I will or won’t have enough. So I have to keep knitting on the border, watching my diminishing ball of yarn with a hopeless air, waiting for it to run out. Or not. I am a glass-half-full type of person, after all.

I’ll let you know.


Author: Carolyn

I'm a knitter and blogger, a cook and a quilter, a woodworker and writer.

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