Survivors, casualties and new recruits

Well, as usual not all of the manic cast-ons from January have made it this far.

The mohair tunic…

…was frogged, and the yarn charity-shopped. It was a pain to knit with and the yarn-plus-pattern were a free kit that I never really liked but felt obliged to knit. But there’s not really any point in spending valuable knitting time creating something you’re reasonably certain you’re going to hate and never wear. Perhaps someone else will love a navy mohair sweater !

The baby blanket, however…

… is waiting for me to frog this deeply unpopular sweater

so that I have enough yarn to carry on with it.

The men’s socks have made it

and the women’s

will shortly make it to the feet of a friend who kindly lent us Sherlock season 2 only for Royal Mail to steal it when we tried to return it (she’s getting a new DVD too, obviously).

The two dolly hats were joined by a dolly sweater (doll’s clothes are great for using up bits of sockyarn)

and somewhere in there an elephant got knitted too.

Oh, and I’ve cast on a ballet cardigan for the Bear.

Amazing what can happen in a couple of months.


Author: Carolyn

I'm a knitter and blogger, a cook and a quilter, a woodworker and writer.

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