Winter warmer

Well, winter’s here and the Husband’s sweater is finally finished. (He didn’t know I was taking this picture, otherwise he wouldn’t be bending over the record player.)

Fortunately, given the amount of knitting time it took, he loves it. It’s a nice pattern but that amount of rib in a dk weight for any size of man was always going to take a long time and be a little tedious to knit.  What can I say, he likes plain sweaters. It’s Flint (Ravelry link), by Sublime Yarns in their Organic Merino DK. Which I would never normally be able to afford 15 balls of but I found it on ebay for half price. :happyface:

I didn’t have quite enough yarn for the full height funnel neck so it’s got a slightly abbreviated version – fine in this case because DH doesn’t like high necks but I can’t see how you’d get the whole thing out of the 15 balls of yarn specified. I wasn’t a metre or two short, I was about five cm of ribbing short.

The yarn is delightfully soft, cosy and comfortable, and a little fluffy (you can see a little halo around it). It’s also bobbling like crazy with even a moderate amount of wear.  Still, the main thing is he likes it!


Author: Carolyn

I'm a knitter and blogger, a cook and a quilter, a woodworker and writer.

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