Anyone for cricket?

As I have a low boredom threshold, it’s rare for there to be only one project on the go, so it took a Herculean effort to only knit on one thing during Lent.

I’m compensating for that now by knitting a sweater for me, socks for the Husband and dolls’ clothes for the Bear. Dolls clothes are even better than baby clothes because they’re TINY – you can knit a sweater in a couple of evenings. What’s even better, their recipients neither mash banana into them nor grow out of them! Nor do their foolish mothers bung them into a general wash on 40 degrees – I have felted more precious handknits that way than I care to confess to.

So this is the sweater:

The cricket sweater in Amalfi from Debbie Bliss spring/summer 2010. I’d been looking for a cricket sweater for ages and had kicked myself for not buying a lovely men’s one I saw at the Game Fair three years ago. The Amalfi looked like it was going to be prohibitively expensive but then I found some on ebay and only had to top-up from the online yarn store. It’s a lovely pattern that I was jumping up and down to cast on, but the Amalfi is a pig to knit with, frankly. It’s spun from a dozen or so strands but very loosely, so it’s untwisting all the time. I have to watch pretty much every stitch so I don’t split the yarn. However, on the plus side it’s got a lovely feel and drape. Coming along nicely. More on the dolls’ clothes later!


Author: Carolyn

I'm a knitter and blogger, a cook and a quilter, a woodworker and writer.

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