Take a deep breath, and pull

Having looked highly critically at the blocks for the blanket that I’d knitted so far, it became painfully clear that back when I was first knitting them I totally failed to take into account little things like gauge/tension. Or the fact that when you have massive cables in a thing, the thing may get pulled towards the middle. Some of the blocks are radically different sizes from each other, both heightwise and widthwise, and there’s only so much you can fix with blocking.

The other thing was that I clearly forgot quite what I was doing and changed how many rows and stitches of garter stitch I used as a border each time. However, I think I can get away with that – what’s one stitch more or less between friends?

However this one:

And this one:

have had to be frogged. The first one because those enormous cables basically made the block a figure-8 shape (should have cast on extra stitches if I wanted it square) and the second one because it was about an inch wider than the widest of any of the others and there’s a limit to what can be shrunk. I’d rather start again! Sadly though it turns out that bobbles are impossible to frog. I have no idea why, but I ended up with aran spaghetti. Bin!


Author: Carolyn

I'm a knitter and blogger, a cook and a quilter, a woodworker and writer.

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