Killing a sweater

Sometimes there are things that just never work out. Three years ago I knitted a sweater for the Husband that he loved – a plain stocking stitch baggy sweater with a roll collar – out of Sirdar Peru. So far so good.

Then I knitted another one out of Paton’s Eco Wool. It didn’t go right from the very beginning – I had a puddle a mile wide in the back that I frogged and reknit using alternate balls of yarn.

Still, it got finished and there it was, another sweater. But it never looked right, and although it got worn very dutifully, it was never what you might call popular. And secretly I must have really hated it, because I washed it yesterday, and although I would have sworn black and blue that it went on a cold wool wash, it came out of the washing machine this morning looking rather different:

Bear in mind that yesterday it was the same size as the red one. It might fit a child if the child didn’t mind not being able to move their arms all that much.

So that solves that one – the Sweater That Never Worked is now defunct. And I can stop feeling guilty about the 10 balls of Sirdar Peru in a lovely purple that I bought on ebay – now it’s going to be a replacement sweater! Anyone know what to do with a few square feet of felted wool? And does anyone want the remaining¬†five balls of Paton’s Eco Wool??


Author: Carolyn

I'm a knitter and blogger, a cook and a quilter, a woodworker and writer.

2 thoughts on “Killing a sweater”

  1. Oh no! Although as you say, maybe it’s best this way Im am yet to knit a truely successful sweater. no that’s not true I knit one when I was sixteen before I gave up knitting for almost two decades. But then patterns were easier and more forgiving in the 80s. Wishing you luck with your next sweater!

    1. I’ve certainly come to the conclusion that I can’t knit sweaters for me that I like! I’m usually not that bad at sweaters for other people (especially my daughter who’s too young to protest!)

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