Happy new year – kitchens and yarns!

As I posted a picture of the kitchen without a back wall (conveniently in the hardest December for 100 years), I thought this time I’d post the progress that’s been made. One set of frozen pipes and a small flood later, I have a door. When I get round to making a garden, it’ll look nice out there. For now it’s enough just that the weather isn’t coming inside the house!

On with the knitting! My sockyarn binge gave me a delicious-looking pile of yarn, but I always hesitate before winding skeins into balls because sometimes a colour scheme looks absolutely scrummy on the skein but not so good as a ball (and sometimes not as good knitted up). These are doing me proud, though. I wound all these during our usual pre-Christmas showing of Gremlins, so they’re going to be forever associated with Mugwai in my head.

And I also broke one of my own cardinal rules – be faithful to the socks you’re knitting and do not fall into waywardness with seductive new yarn. I slipped from the path of righteousness to knit one sock of my new yarn before finishing Husband’s socks. This yarn looks just as scrumptious knitted up as it did on the skein and in the ball – makes me think of liquorice allsorts.

In fact, these socks are a present for someone, so I might get them some liquorice allsorts to go along with them! In the meantime I am back to knitting the Husband’s other sock.

Unfortunately, though, I accidentally cast something on yesterday morning when the baby woke me up…


Author: Carolyn

I'm a knitter and blogger, a cook and a quilter, a woodworker and writer.

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