Bored now

While the sampler shawl is doubtless going to be very pretty, the knitting of it is boring in the wrong way. It doesn’t look like anything at the moment of course (because lace never does), but the colours are coming out beautifully.

The patterns are repetitive, but because they’re all infinitesimally different, you can’t just memorise and knit on auto-pilot. I’m nearly halfway through and I’m still having to read the charts every line or so. I’m never still reading charts by this point in a shawl. Because of the constant switching from one pattern to another very-similar-but-not-the-same pattern it takes quite a bit more concentration than I was bargaining for, without any of the satisfaction you get from radically different patterns. I think next time I do a sampler shawl I’ll use some of the awesome Estonian and Shetland motifs (which is possibly a terrible lace-knitting faux pas) – the lily-of-the-valley pattern in particular is calling to me.


Author: Carolyn

I'm a knitter and blogger, a cook and a quilter, a woodworker and writer.

2 thoughts on “Bored now”

    1. To be absolutely honest I don’t really have the time for this at the moment either! But I do like lace and I’m a sucker for hand-dyed laceweight.

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