Shortcut scarf

The reason this is a shortcut scarf is because when you knit a scarf in a lace pattern, you can block the hell out of it and magically it ends up scarf size. Despite the fact that when it came off your needles it was neckwarmer size.

This was 43″ x 8″ when I cast it off:

Unblocked scarf

And now it’s 59″ x 11.5″

Feather and fan lace scarf

which is perfectly respectable. Good thing too, because I ran out of the cashmere 2ply it’s knitted in. The yarn is from Violet Green (like nearly all my laceweight) and the pattern is basic feather-and-fan. Usually I adapt feather-and-fan by putting in an extra purl row (so purling all the wrong side rows) but a scarf needs to have less of a ‘wrong’ side and I quite like the ridged effect.

Scarf detail

This is a present for my generous mother-in-law who gave me a nice pile of John Lewis vouchers for Christmas so I could go yarn-shopping. (Being on maternity leave and permanently broke is bad for stash-enhancement but good for stash-busting so, swings and roundabouts.)


Author: Carolyn

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