Crunchy snow-spread

I’ve just finished the last block of the bedspread for my best friend in Australia (see (Bed)spreading the love)

Leaf lace bedspread

and I’ve decided to be whimsical for once and give it a name. I was snowed in when we were all eight inches deep in the white stuff a couple of weeks ago, and got some good work done on it, which was partly the inspiration, but also the cotton yarn has a lovely ‘crunchy’ look. (That’s a technical term, obviously.)

I really like the individual blocks with their leaves and then the ridges.

Single block

I’m sort of tempted to do another one in a skinnier yarn just so there are more blocks to play with. I think it’d be fun to put them together a different way so they radiated out from the centre. If I wasn’t sick to the back teeth of knitting the same darn thing over and over, of course.  Now just for the four miles of I-cord I need to do around the edge to finish it off nicely.


Author: Carolyn

I'm a knitter and blogger, a cook and a quilter, a woodworker and writer.

One thought on “Crunchy snow-spread”

  1. OMG – Carolyn, this is EXQUISITE!And amazing, and incredible! That must be some friend to make this for them! It has also inspired me to make the heritage blanket for myself that I have always wanted to. Yup, another project to start – ROFL!
    Hugzzz 😎

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