Single-Skein September

I heard about Single-Skein September on Stash and Burn, and in the interests of joining in this stash-busting exercise (as well as the excuse to cast on something new) I am joining in. And cheating.

I have had a ginormous ball of Wendy aran acrylic-with-wool in my knitting basket for – oooh – about seven years. It was originally going to be a sweater for someone who I now no longer speak to (and was back before I knew about Proper Yarn). It’s truly huge – look:

A Giant Ball of Yarn
A Giant Ball of Yarn

That’s not a dinky-size knitting needle or anything – that’s a standard 14″ knitting pin. So. Lots of yarn. Not really in the spirit of Single-Skein September, which I suspect is supposed to apply to normal-sized balls of yarn. However, I’ve now cast on my project and am rattling through it. It’s the Child’s Denim Sweater from Debbie Bliss – a freebie pattern that looks cosy and unisex and because it’s in aran is super fast to knit.

Half a sweater
Half a sweater

The back and front are exactly the same and the stocking-stitch can be hammered away at while watching a film (the majority of the front was completed in front of The Deer Hunter. Incidentally a film that’s not quite as good as it wants to be.)  There’s enough rib interest at hems and cuffs that it’s not completely boring. But a nice basic pattern. Unfortunately it doesn’t so far appear to have made a dent in the Huge Ball so God knows what I’m going to do with the rest of it.

And of course, casting on something new has enabled me conveniently to forget the other projects languishing in the basket.


Author: Carolyn

I'm a knitter and blogger, a cook and a quilter, a woodworker and writer.

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