Yay! New (old) projects

This is where the bedspread is:

Bedspread half-finished
Bedspread half-finished

Probably rather more than halfway through, but I’m telling myself it’s halfway because I need to motivate myself to add a border, rather than calling it finished when I’ve done the blocks. It’s a good pattern, and the blocks do go pretty quickly, but I find it immensely difficult knitting only one thing at once.

So it’s been fun finishing one project altogether and taking up another that’s a long-term one.

This is the finished baby blanket in Opal’s 6 ply wool, colourway Flamingo. It’s in feather and fan pattern, which I always adapt to be stocking-stitch lace because I like the smooth look. It’s not a very good photo, so I’ll post another when I can get the baby to pose photogenically with it!

Feather and fan blanket
Feather and fan blanket

The long-term project is the sideways scarf. I started it a few months back – it’s sideways because I want vertical stripes, not horizontal, and is proving to be an excellent way to use up ends of sock yarn. I can even use more than one little end in a single stripe, because it just adds to the overall effect. There are 600 stitches per row – about 50 stitches to the foot so hopefully at least six foot long and perhaps more when it’s blocked.

Sideways scarf
Sideways scarf

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