New projects

My sideways scarf is finally on the needles.  I like striped scarves, but I like longitudinal stripes, so the easiest way to do that seemed to be to knit the whole thing sideways.  This has meant some experiments to find a needle/gauge that I like and work out what stitch to knit it in.

Sideways scarf
Sideways scarf

After some experiments with the little leftover sockyarn balls scattered like fat hail through my stash, I’ve plumped for a 2.5mm 100cm circular needle and stocking stitch.  I’ve resigned myself to knitting it twice as wide as I’d like and then sewing it up, as I don’t want a garter-stitch side. Picky, aren’t I?   On that needle size, I’m getting about 6.5inches to 50 stitches – so for my 6ft scarf I need around 600 stitches.  A row is taking me a long time… I also want tassels, so am using the steeking method at the end of each row to give myself some ‘spare’ yarn to play with at the end. It makes for messy-looking knitting but I am liking the way the stripes are coming.

And as usual there’s a sock on the sock needles. I averaged a pair of socks per month last year, but have only managed one pair so far this year.  The new ones are a thank-you present for someone who’s supplied me with LOTS of baby goodies for the bump, so I hope she likes the colour. They’re in Violet Green’s hand-dyed sockwool (SoleMate), which is lovely to work with and beautifully comfortable and stretchy when knitted up.

Clover socks
Clover socks

I also couldn’t bear to rip back the borders of the candlelight baby shawl – apart from anything else it wouldn’t have been ready in time for the bump to come home in next month – so I’m comforting myself with the thought that There Will Be Other Shawls whose borders I can knit in garter-stitch. This one will have to stay in stocking-stitch and be done! The edging is the brand-iron edging, which I wasn’t all that keen on at first, but it’s growing on me!

Candlelight shawl border and edging
Candlelight shawl border and edging

It isn’t quite finished yet, because I’ve run out of yarn just before the last side, so waiting for another ball to arrive now!


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