Frog it!

Sometimes the knitting gods just do not smile on you. I bought a ball of Opal six-ply last year when I was on a major sock kick.
Opal rainforest 6ply
Opal rainforest 6ply

But after knitting half a foot with this stuff I realised I really didn’t like socks that thick, and frogged the sock. So I bought a beret pattern and knitted this beret a few weeks back.

Opal beret
Opal beret

But I just wasn’t happy with this either. It was thin, had no real structure to it but simultaneously wasn’t floppy/slouchy enough for my taste. I also realised I didn’t really like the yarn and was never going to wear it. So I frogged it.

Last night, given that I’m going to need cot blankets in a few weeks I thought I’d cast on a lacy blanket with the rest of the yarn and add in the frogged beret when I needed it. 

Cot blanket
Cot blanket

But I got halfway through the evening and thought – it’s no use, I just don’t like this yarn. So that got frogged too. The one thing I can say for this yarn? It frogs easily.


Author: Carolyn

I'm a knitter and blogger, a cook and a quilter, a woodworker and writer.

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