Ruffle ruffle ruffle

Well, we’re done! It took the same amount of yarn to do the inch-and-a-half ruffle as it did half the border. But I think it looks pretty good. This is for some friends who are having a baby in a couple of months. It’s probably about time I started thinking about one for my own, but the cobbler’s children do famously go barefoot…

The whole shebang
The whole shebang

I’m more pleased with it than I thought I would be… as much as anything else it’s a relief to have it off the needles! A round of stitches that takes an hour and a half to knit can become tedious…

Centre, border and edging
Centre, border and edging

The border pattern is one from Sharon Miller’s Heirloom Knitting – a real treasure trove.

Field of flowers


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